Thursday, February 25, 2010


"Gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender youth living on the streets and in foster care need our support more than ever. In New York City, the True Colors Residence is going to play a big role in providing these young people with the leg up and encouragement they need. I am thrilled that construction has already begun and I am honored to be a part of this important project." - Cyndi Lauper, commenting on the groundbreaking for the True Colors Residence for homeless LGBT youth in Harlem.

True Colors Residence will be New York City's first permanent housing facility with support services for 18-24 year old lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) youth with a history of homelessness. The undertaking was conceived by West End Executive Director Colleen Jackson, and by musical artist Cyndi Lauper and Ms. Lauper's manager Lisa Barbaris. The project entails the construction of a new, energy-efficient multifamily building containing 30 studio apartments, indoor and outdoor community space for residents, and a computer room and resource library. The building is named in honor of Cyndi's Lauper's support for the project and for West End, and references Ms. Lauper's hit song, "True Colors."

Funding for this large project comes from a complex group of borough, city, state, federal and private sources. True Colors Residence is scheduled to open in winter 2011.

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  1. Love, Love, LOVE Cyndi. She's been both a musical and humanitarian hero of mine for a long time.

  2. I've always loved her, now I love her even more;)

  3. This is great, Cyndi is our favorite gal. We have seen her in concert several times. There is a homeless center for GLBT youth in Hollywood but it is small and needs funding. These kids need a place were they can be safe and feel secure.

  4. She is wonderful! She has always been a supporter of GLBT issues. Can't wait to see her kick the other celebrities butts in the new Celebrity Apprentice

  5. She is such an amazing talent! Love her.

  6. This is awesome! love Cyndi, love her last album "on the brink'~

  7. How wonderful! Existing housing programs support youths up to 18 years old. True Colors Residence will help those who no longer qualify for those services, but still need housing support. What a gem Cyndi is!!


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