Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I saw Michael Jackson!

...on my Wii. I just got the new game Sports Resort thanks to
The Mangina Monologues' recommendation. You should read his post too.

The game is great - Table Tennis (my favorite), Sword Fighting, new Bowling, Biking, Wakeboarding, Canoeing, Basketball, Disc Dog, Frisbee Golf, Golf and a few more. The game requires (comes with one but you should buy another) the new motion sensor which makes your actions much more life-like. You need to get this game.

Anyway, I'm playing Table Tennis and I notice during one of the points that one of the Miis watching looks like Michael Jackson, but when the point is over, I don't see him. I'm like, did just imagine that? Then I see him again - not my imagination.

and that is Batman on the far left. This is so weird, the programers must have been smoking something because these Miis just get stranger and stranger and this game is too new for them to have added MJ after he died. Then during my match against T.F., which I'm sure stands for Turtle Face since he has a turtle on his face, I notice another famous dead guy - Jesus! Yes, Jesus! Any he's standing next to Wolverine.

As if this isn't weird enough - and truthfully, really fun, I actually get to play M.J. Who knew he was left-handed?

Then a few matches later I play Jesus.

Then strangest of all, I play BLACK Michael Jackson who is apparently right-handed.

All in all, a really fun game with interesting and entertaining details. A pleasant distraction right now.


  1. Wow! I never saw these miis! Maybe it's because I can't get to 1200 level. No matter what I do, I seem to lose and then go down points.

    Did you beat Jesus by aiming for the nail holes??

  2. Sean said...
    No, I lost 8-6 but I will next time....you're too funny. I laughed for over a minute and I was thinking the hole (pun intended) time, too soon.


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